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* communication encryption
* communication encryption
* IPv6
* IPv6
* VP8 video codec
* TCP support for SIP:
* TCP support for SIP:
* HD video support

Latest revision as of 14:24, 15 July 2015

Here are what ekiga developers want to work on for 5.0 release:

  • I'm sure that when you come back from hibernation, Ekiga does not behave well. I need to reproduce it. Seems to be simply because it tries to register before STUN result.
  • I should take care of the upgrade of (kamailio, asterisk, ....)
    • fix bugs in bugzilla, some of them are trivial
    •'s LDAP latin1->utf-8
  • include T140
  • documentation and website: I think we should clean things up. Our main website has a few difficult parts:
    • the download section is weird: it redirects to the wiki and I think it is awfully complex to download the software. We should probably only have direct download links to the sources and windows releases
    • The main wiki should be improved and cleaned up. I think having the manual in the wiki is a mistake. We should update (and I'll do it) the main manual in Ekiga so that it is translated in several languages but not duplicate things. The wiki should help debugging, not document the usage of Ekiga.
  • Low power consumption:

Some obsolete information:


DRAFT feature planning

Feature planning
No Feature regression Assigned to tested the... Comment
1 Page 5/7 of the assistant, there is no more "test buttons" for the audio. Replace with Test call to Damien? Not implemented or automatically add 500 and 501 to the roster

Snark: what about some words at the end of the assistant, to explain that they should try [only if they have an account?]

2 The Address book window allowed to group and drag'n drop contacts, with 2.9, contacts are much more proeminent -thanks to the roster- but you can not anymore use drag'n drop. Waiting Someone Not implemented Hard to do in the given time
3 Common actions should have a button (like the text chat) Snark A tool bar is added at the bottom of the roster 2008-08-01 Buttons for main actions: the the ShortMenuBuilder class makes it easy adding short toolbars, ie: buttons for main actions. See lib/engine/framework/menu-builder-tools.h ; so the basic code is there -- the UI just needs some love ; notice that since the roster view emits a "presentity-selected" signal, things should be pretty easy. The question is : where do we want this toolbar!?

Yannick: Do we agree to get this toolbar always visible next to each contact in the roster? Which means if you have e.g. 10 contacts in the roster, you'll have 10 minitoolbars, next to each of them.

Old roadmap to 3.2.0

  • Orange: Work in progress
  • Red: Waiting for someone

Ekiga Engine

  • gstreamer support for video and audio devices (Julien)


  • All components are GObjects.
  • Registration of new SIP accounts on without having to go to

Address Book

  • Flat file as backend (Julien)
  • Drag and drop: Have drag and drop working between one address book and the roster.
  • Global search: Have a global search working for all sources of contacts, you just search for it, and it finds it in all configured sources (LDAP, Evolution, KAddressbook, ...)


  • Custom view: Have a custom view of the roster with groups and presentities being ordered in a given order.
  • Drag and drop: Have drag and drop working to change the groups of a presentity.

Post 3.20


  • Custom avatar (Damien)

Hardware Features

  • Automatic detection of hotplugging of USB headset and cameras on Windows

Signaling Features

  • XCAP for server-side contact list storage
  • Better NAT support (ICE)
  • SIP: Possibility to have a different Outbound Proxy for each SIP account (Damien)
  • H.323: Implement H323 Gatekeeper discovery (UDP broadcasts) (Craig)
  • Automatic Port forwarding using NAT-PMP & uPnP

Video Features

  • H.323 Capabilties for new video codecs

Other ideas


  • Get the wiki a dress ! Maybe we can use some CSS magic to have a more navigable wiki. (should be similar to main website)
  • create main menu link to this wiki (main)
  • create direct links to this wiki (#installation) PARTIALLY -> repositories per distro needed
    • from all pertinent download pages
  • integrate with
  • Privacy for please provide valuable infos.
  • Ekiga behind a NAT : please review this.
  • Add RSS feed to the wiki.
  • Documentation for AEC and Silence detection (where?)
  • Full documentation for compile options (ptlib, opal and ekiga) needed. (including defaults)

CHANGELOG: Let's try to define priorities:

People involving in changes: - "main menu" in the mediawiki system is something to research. Is the mediawiki able to do that on its own or do it require intervention in the code or templates (involving Damien and us)?

- See changes. Work needs to be done, but a place as been assigned if i get your idea right.

- Icons; is this related to the overall design of the wiki (main menu)?

- .org and .net integration require the work on the css/website, involving Damien and Fabian D.


  • Damien, would it be hard to setup a forum? As an alternative, we could easily set up a yahoo group just for this purpose, which makes it easier to find questions/solutions, and it doesn't leave tons of email in your inbox...

EXTRA IDEAS: I backup the idea of a forum, this would help support internationalisation of the documentation and would provide newcomers a more convenient way to get infos/ask questions than the ml (all history and possibility of respond is available in one place Vs your email client and the archive mailling list...). Issue may be it is another place for devs to survey... To solve this we may set up a team to "filter" contents and only ask devs help when necessary. As we are happy few this would probably have to be done by Natasha and I. I'm use to that form of support as it is already what I do on the french ubuntu forum...This is a great way to learn Yannick

Another reason is stuff like sound support in Linux, webcam support in Linux: it is very hard to have only one page explaining how to solve all the trouble you could get with those. A forum will help taking care of those problems in a much better way...

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