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Please replace this image wiki.png (lifeless) with that image: complex_middle.png

At the upper-left
I speak to Yannick, this can be done by admin only.

Image:Ekiga in a call.png

Ekiga 3.0.0

I replaced Image:Ekiga in a call.png with a resized version Image:250px-Ekiga in a call.png - temporary solution until the Admin(s) will bother to update/upgrade the auto resizing software of the Wiki.

Do you like it better? The scaled image is not as good (precise) as the original one.
The scaled image is awful! (see Screenshots)
The lady in appearing in the snapshot is a good-looking one, but, come on, look at this scaled thumbnail, everything looks bad. has a better image resizing software.
Even has a better software to do the resizing thing.
Please contact with AssaultCube they have a good image resizer. see:
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