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Ekiga pre-release test flow

Having bugs is not the problem. That happens to all software. But a bug that's something obvious and that just wasn't fixed because nobody tested some simple use-cases, is bad. To minimize that risk in future, we should follow a basic test-flow.

Compile time

For these tests, please compile with LC_ALL=C set in environment.

  • make >/dev/null - any error messages?


For all runtime tests, please run Ekiga with LC_ALL=C set in environment. That ensures the strings specified in the code are used, and the error messages tell us something.

The basic structure of the runtime tests follows the categories describing the features of Ekiga.

GUI general

  • Obvious HIG violations?
  • Typos in strings?
  • Something written unclear? Everything makes sense?
  • Do all hotkeys work?
  • Breaking behaviour of popup-windows?
  • Does the tray icon work like intended?


Verify the documentation follows recommendations from the GNOME Documentation Style Guide and the GNOME Handbook of Writing Software Documentation.

3.4 pre-tests

  • does calling in the same time on two machines on the same NAT-ed networks work?

Ekiga 3.2.6 Pre-tests

Feature (date/test case) Result Caller (software + version) Callee (software + version)
Message Waiting Indications Support ??? (no test case)
Contact's presence display

Away, Do Not disturb, Online status

OK, but NOK sometimes #595051 Eugen/Yannick

For all tests, Yannick used
Ekiga version: GIT commit 9c6bf9b02835a18371ce36f414fb1892af34aa53 from SatAug22 22:31:53 2009+0200
OPAL/PTLIB: SVN revision 23260
For all tests, Eugen used 20090825 stable svn/git (updated to 20090901)

Custom message OK Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Automatic addition of network neighbors contacts OK Eugen
Connection quality meter in the statusbar OK (no clue if accurate) Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
call-in notification OK (should work with Asterisk, not with Damien tested with Asterisk
Call hold, Suspend/resume audio/video OK Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Call Transfer OK (test case: one calls another and transfer him to 500) Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Call Forwarding on

No Answer, on Busy, Always

OK (test case: setup call forwarding on always to and someoine call you; he should be redirected to 500) Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
DTMFs Support Seems OK (test case: upon calling 500, # terminates the call) Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Calls History OK Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Call Monitoring (stats) OK (no clue if accurate) Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Enum Support ??? No test case and: ENUM lookup doesn't work if registered to any SIP servers #589119
Full-Screen Video OK if hardware acceleration (NOK if using software support, and sometimes crashes #593067) Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Video Resolution

176x144 320x240 640x480 704x576

OK (not tested extensively) Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
SIP Capabilties exchange (codec selection) More or less OK (not tested extensively, but tested for audio and video)

Sometimes works as expected, but we found this issue #593173

Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Instant Messaging with built-in smiley support OK (Needs more extended testing...) Eugen/yannick (Ekiga/OPAL/PTLIB from 20090909) Eugen/yannick (Ekiga/OPAL/PTLIB from 20090909)
LDAP Support OK (tested with Eugen/yannick Eugen/yannick
Configuration Assistant Probably OK...
Configurable Sound Events
Configurable Port Ranges
Devices Auto-Detection +hotplug OK Yannick (works on my MSI wind using Fn key for webcam)
Eugen OK too
Audio codecs

iLBC, GSM-06.10, MS-GSM, G.711-Alaw, G.711-uLaw, G.726, G.721 Speex 8 Speex 16 G.722 CELT 32 CELT 48

PCMU OK (echo test) Yannick
Echo Cancellation
Silence Detection OK
Video codecs

H.261 H.264 H.263 H.263+ MPEG4 THEORA

H.261 OK

Theora OK

Eugen/Yannick Eugen/Yannick
Register to Several Accounts OK for Eugen Eugen/yannick echo test OK
Eugen / Yannick using Ekiga TueSep8 17:10:11 2009+0200, OPAL r23393 and PTLIB r23393
freephonie OK with workaround only if all the video codecs are checked off (use opal >= 02/09/2009)
H323 test call (test case?) OK.
Outbound Proxy
SIP dialog-info notifications
Interoperability with PBX like Asterisk
Local network call
network interfaces detection with dynamic addition and removal
Issue at Startup
Issue on Exit Freeze #593064

Do not close porperly and stuck on INVITE #593074

Crash Crash when registering very soon after unregistering #593071
Freeze Freeze when Hang Up #586913
Important but unclassified issues TCP support for SIP #341518

Please cleanup ALSA backend #577498
Ekiga does not work with PulseAudio on Fedora11 #586034
Having more than one network interface up STILL screws up Ekiga's functionality!#587504
Yannick, using pulse audio and ubuntu 9.04 has an issue with serious delay. Unfortunately it is much better to remove pulse audio in Ubuntu 9.04.

Using VirtualBox with the "NAT" setting for Network will help testing STUN support for the next release.

Ekiga 2.9 Pre-tests

test calls
Tester (date) Caller (software + version) Callee (software + version) Presence indication Text chat Audio (codec) Video (Codec + size)


Ekiga 2.9


Ekiga 2.9


Not tested

Test with myself: Ok

Ok Ok for all, but

SPEEX:Broken, G726-16:Crash

Theora 320x240:Ok


Ekiga 2.9

(16-08-08 )

Ekiga 2.9


3 Status & custom variants OK on Both Sides. NOK : Will Work till the end of the current Window lines available, new lines won't be displayed ( No automatic scrolling & refresh) TODO TODO


Ekiga 2.9

20080814 (theora 640x480)

Ekiga 2.9

20080818 (theora 320x200)

ok, both way PCMU ok Theora 320x240 works (one way bug fixed as of 20080903)

quality slider fixed in 20080830



Ekiga 2.9

20080814 (h264 640x480)

Ekiga 2.9

20080818 (h264 320x200)

ok, both way PCMU ok h264 320x240 works (one way bug fixes as of 20080903)

quality slider fixed on 20080830



Ekiga 2.9

20080814 (h261 640x480)

Ekiga 2.9

20080818 (h261 320x200)

ok, both way PCMU ok h261 320x240 from eugen and qcif from yannick !! both way works no matter who call first

quality slider works with 20080830



Ekiga 2.0.12 Eugen, libpt-1.10.10


Ekiga 2.9 Yannick

20080818 (h261 320x240)

chat ok, both way Eugen calls me: with no audio codecs=no audio and no video!! (h261 was selected)

Eugen calls me: PCMU and PCMA , GSM ok

Eugen calls me: h323+IP : ms-gsm works with h261

Eugen calls me with LPC: no LPC in 2.9 thus another audio codec was selected (GSM)

Speex Y. send audio and video but receive nothing from eugen because E. client (2.0.12) crashed (bug reported)

SPEEX was selected even if not on top list->codec negociation issue !! (bug reported)

g721 unavailable in ekiga 2.9

g726-16k Y. send audio and video but receive nothing from eugen because E. client (2.0.12) crashed (bug reported)

Y. call E. = crash for E. (??bug reported??)

Y call E: PCMU/h261 Y cannot get the call and 2.9 cannot hang up!! (bug reported)

Y call E: PCMA, PCMU, GSM are ok (if only h261 selected)

iLBC is not present in 2.0.12-debian

2.9 calls 2.0.12: If no audio codec in common there is no communication even if video codec h261 is available on both sides!

If audio works (pcmu, pcma) video is good both way, quality slider works for 2.0.12, quality slider for 2.9=freeze and no more video transmission from 2.9


Ekiga 2.9 Yannick Ekiga 2.0.12 Eugen 2.9 call 2.0.12: it rings on 2.0.12 side, call can be accepted (PCMU-h261), on 2.9 side there is "call redirected", no video or audio transmission. 2.9 can *not* hangup. ref.
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