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[ Peering] is the term given to agreement between VoIP Service Providers which enables the users of one service to call users of another.
This is usually implemented by dialing a special prefix number and then the number of the receipitant (on the 'other' service).
== The prefix numbers ==
Each provider has its own list of prefix and its own agreements with other PSTN and VoIP providers. Some of these prefixs are standardised to be the same on multiple dialtone providers.
Example :
* Peter is calling his friend Mark.
* Mark's phone number is +33 123 45 67 89 (International telephone format).
* Mark's phone provider is Provider M.
* Peter uses Provider A to call Mark.
* The call should go then from Provider A's network to Provider M's network.
* To do this, Peter needs to dial the prefix of Provider M : *789 telling Provider A to switch the call to Provider M.
* So Peter had to dial : ''*789 33 123 45 67 89'' to call Mark
Now, Peter uses his cell phone using then Provider B.
* For Provider B, the prefix for Provider M is *456
* So, from his cell phone, Peter has to dial ''*456 33 123 45 67 89'' to call his friend Mark.
== The global prefix numbers ==
However, a global solution exists, unifying all providers and giving each one an unique prefix
So, Peter, from whatever telephone provider he wants to use, can call his friend Mark either using the global prefix of Provider M. For example *123 33 123 45 67 89.
If you want to call someone on the same network, you don't need, of course, to add the prefix !
A list of all global prefixes is available of the [ SipBroker's White page].
== Using ==
== Using ==

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Using users can use the SipBroker's White page prefixes to call anybody on other networks.


from to other networks

You can also test your connection by calling various Fun Numbers.

In addition you can use the SipBroker ENUM server (*013) prefix to place a call to an ENUM number.

from foreign network to an account

Using peering

The global prefix is *673.

  • Dialing *673 500 will call the echo test on the ekiga network.

Note about FWD : FWD users can't call directly users using the *673 prefix. FWD users can use the SipBroker prefix (**275) to place the call, for example **275 *673 500 will reach the echo test on

Using the SIP address

The service accept calls to its registered users without being registered to Just call the address directly. With this solution you'll need an alphanumeric keypad.

Service numbers like the echo test (, or the conference rooms are reserved to registered users of the service.

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