Installing Ekiga on Windows

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See also: Building Ekiga for Windows and Debugging Ekiga on Windows

Windows.png To install Ekiga on Windows, download and run:

Then head over to the manual to finish off. Should you have any questions, have a look through the FAQ and contact us if your question isn't answered anywhere on this wiki.

Installation notes

All Ekiga settings are stored in %APPDATA%\ekiga.conf file. To find out the value of %APPDATA% on your computer (it may be something like c:\Users\root\AppData\Roaming), open a command terminal and type echo %APPDATA%. To see that file, you may need to activate show hidden files and directories.

You can edit the settings with a editor such as wordpad.

Ekiga is a 32-bit program but it also works on 64-bit machines.

Known issues

  • The automatic discovery of users on the same network (called neighbours) does not work on Windows (see: this bug).
  • The camera takes around 4-7 seconds to initialise at the beginning of each communication (see: this bug).
  • In some cases the video is not shown on the computer (see: this bug).

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