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Gnome-status.png Before you start reading: Please make sure that the audio codec PCMA is enabled under Edit → Preferences → Audio → Codecs → PCMA.

Fun numbers are free (no cost) numbers you can call to either test your connection or get several services. The connections to these numbers are usually free of charge, as the "lines" are using the internet to transfer your voice between you and the service.

Please note, this doesn't mean that all services provided by the operator are at no charge! Some numbers, like the following test numbers, are provided by different phone operators at no cost. Some operators are even allowing connections to toll-free numbers.

Emblem-important.png The above paragraphs are ambiguous. --Swift 03:12, 22 November 2011 (CET)

Official numbers

SIPNumber Description Echo test, supports video (H261, H263-1998, H264 only, in this order), as well as audio (PCMA only) - the sound is low quality Call-me test (call, hangup, and you will be called right afterwards), supports audio only Public conference room from (you must have PCMA audio codec enabled) These rooms are public (x = any digits from 0 to 9) French conference room 1122

Other working toll-free numbers

Prefix-SIPnumber Service / provider
sip:* Echo test from Voxalot (USA)
sip:* Echo test from Voxalot (Europe)
sip:* Echo test from Voxalot (Australia)
sip:* US 800 Toll Free Numbers using SIPBroker ENUM Server, Search USA Toll Free numbers
sip:* Germany Toll Free Numbers using SIPBroker ENUM Server.
sip:* Luxembourg Toll Free Numbers using SIPBroker ENUM Server.
sip:*'s public voice conference rooms (000 through 999 are the conf numbers)
sip:* Kansas State University Test Phone Number
sip:*'s conference room (51112 creates a new room #12)
sip:*'s echo test (forward to FWD?)
sip:* Toll Free 800 numbers in USA 800 Directory
sip:* Wengo's echo test (France)
sip:* Wengo's video echo test (H263 + PCMU/PCMA)
sip:* Blueface Monkey sounds (Ireland)
sip:* Blueface echo test (Ireland)
sip:* Blueface speaking clock (Ireland)
sip:* Blueface Music (Ireland)
sip:* Ixcall echo test
sip:* Tell me (speech recognition)
sip:* FreeWorldDialup's echo test
sip:*393* Netherlands toll-free numbers from FreeWorldDialup
sip:*393* Norway toll-free numbers from FreeWorldDialup
sip:* Echo test from
sip:* Free Conference Call
sip:* Echo test from Gizmo Project
sip:* SipPhone Party Line
sip:* Prato City Hall's echo test (Italy)
sip:* Idea SIP's echo test
sip:* Idea SIP's conference call
sip:*850** Idea SIP's weird voice mail message
sip:* Tell me ideasip
sip:* US 800 Toll Free Numbers Search USA Toll Free numbers
sip:* SipBroker Test announcement
sip:* echo test
sip:* Google 1-800-GOOG-411 Free 411 service ( Speech recognition to search and connect business
sip:* Coffee House (conference room,
  • x = any digits from 0 to 9.
  • do not dial/type the - character ;)
  • in case of multiple VoIP accounts saved in Ekiga (the software), add suffix to these toll free numbers to place a call using service. numbers

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