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You have come to this page because Ekiga did not manage to configure your network settings automatically. You can still use Ekiga, but you need to configure your network settings manually. We provide instructions for this here.

Ports that are used by Ekiga

Your router (often it is part of the ADSL/Broadband modem, or access point) needs to be configured to forward the following ports to your computer.

You can find detailed instructions on how to enable port forwarding for your router. When you visit the website, click the link to Routers, and find your router model. Use the following ports when performing the instructions.

Ekiga's ports
Protocols Ports Types Descriptions
SIP 5000 to 5100 UDP SIP signalling, listen port: 5060
STUN 3478 to 3479 UDP Outgoing traffic to the STUN server
H323 1720 TCP H323 listen port

Once you have configured your router, restart Ekiga. It's done. It should work now.

Additional information cand be found at Understanding NAT/firewall issues with SIP clients (eg ekiga), Ekiga behind a NAT router and routers and firewalls section in the manual.

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