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* Bug [http://live.gnome.org/Bugsquad/TriageGuide triage guide].
* Bug [http://live.gnome.org/Bugsquad/TriageGuide triage guide].
=== Packages ===
=== Packages ===
* [http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Snapshots/ Grab snapshot packages].
* [[Snapshots|Grab snapshot packages]].
=== Compile ekiga yourself ===
=== Compile ekiga yourself ===

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Ekiga Love is an initiative that aims to help people who want to get started contributing to Ekiga. This page offers a collection of links to useful resources for aspiring developers, testers, documenters or simply Ekiga enthusiasts. It is a subset of the GnomeLove project.




Compile ekiga yourself

  • Read this tutorial for GNU/Linux systems.
  • Read this tutorial for BSD systems.
  • Compile yourself Ekiga for windows.




  • List of bugs to get started in Ekiga: Ekiga bugs with the Gnome-Love tag
  • UPnP for firewall/NAT penetration; this is a good feature to add in Ekiga. Read the feature request with good guidelines here.
  • Audio support on GNU/Linux: ALSA backend; there is some room for improvements to do here, please see this bug report and this one.

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