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Steps: Download sourcesCompile → Execute and Debug

Ekiga depends on two libraries, ptlib and opal, and these three programs are developed together. So you need to download and compile all the three. Note that you cannot mix them (stable branch ekiga with unstable branch ptlib for ex.)

If you do not know what to download, we recommend you to download the Last release, stable below.


Last releases (tarballs):

Active branches (using git):

  • master/trunk (unstable branch): This branch contains the latest development code.
git clone -b v2_16 git://
git clone -b v3_16 git://
git clone git://
  • v4_0 (stable branch): This branch contains the latest stable code corresponding to the Ekiga 4.0.x releases.
git clone -b v2_10 git://
git clone -b v3_10 git://
git clone -b v4_0 git://

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