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What is XCAP ?

XCAP is a simple way to store contacts on a remote server using an HTTP connection. It does not manage presence, it does not have any specific feature. The only thing you can do is store a contacts list using an XML file.


We will be using the same naming convention than in GTK+, as they are easy to remember and correspond well to the model we are trying to implement. Each area where we are able to store contacts is a GmContactsStore.

We have several types of GmContactsStore :

  • GmLdapContactsStore : to access LDAP contacts
  • GmEdsContactsStore : to access and store contacts in Evolution-Data-Server
  • GmAvahiContactsStore : to access contacts in your neighbourhood
  • GmXcapContacts : to access and store contacts in an XCAP backend
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