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Assuming that you have connected your Ekiga to Astreisk as described in another note, sooner or later (sooner, I would guess) you get tired of talking to yourself, so now is the time to make it possible to talk to other people on This note will give the necessary steps to do so.

Outgoing calls to

First let us assume that you want to able to call other people on The next section will describe the steps to be taken in order to receive calls from

In sip.conf add the following:

;outgoing to
insecure=very ; required for incoming calls

Here YOUR_EKIGA_NAME and YOUR_EKIGA_PASSWORD have to be replaced with your own values. We use type=friend here because that will allow us to easily change the setup to also accept incoming calls.

In extensions.conf add this:

; Call a number at
exten => _9.,1,Dial(SIP/ekiga/${EXTEN:1},20,r))

This means that you can call anybody with an number (or name) by simply entering the number or name in Ekiga prefixed with a 9 e.g.: sip:9543211 or sip:9peter. This will make a call to or

The above introduces a prefix system that can be very handy, especially if you have several SIP providers. In that case you can use prefix 9 for, 8 for Free World Dialup, etc. Alternatively, if you have many providers, you can use a two digit prefix: 90 for, 91 for FWD, etc. If you choose to do that, you should change EXTEN:1 above to EXTEN:2.

Incoming calls from

The above setup makes it possible for you to call your friends at but so far they cannot call you. In order to achieve this yous must set Asterisk up for incoming calls from

First to have to tell where it can find you on the Internet. You do this by entering a register statement in the general part of sip.conf:

; register with
register =>

Here YOUR_EKIGA_NAME and YOUR_EKIGA_PASSWORD have to be replaced with your own values. 101 is the extension that will receive incoming calls, in casu your Ekiga as we defined it above.

Furthermore, since the server cannot authenticate against your Asterisk, you will have to add this line to the [ekiga] definition above:

insecure=very ; required for incoming calls

Now that all your friends at can call you at any time of the day, incuding times where you ar not around, wouldn't it be nice if Asterisk could answer on your behalf and make it possible to leave a message for you? Well, this is on of things that Asterisk is very good at: voicemail. This note will describe how to go about it.

Bent 16:54, 14 November 2006 (CET)

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