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  • technical details of VoIP (voice over IP, videoconferencing) related to Ekiga software. ...t is defined by [ RFC3261] and provides a method for registering with VoIP service (or 'Dial-tone') providers and in
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  • The information in these notes will tell how to connect an Ekiga softphone to a local Asterisk PBX and how to get the most out of it. ... Voip-Info] or [ AsteriskGuru]. The latter has a good tutorial on Asterisk installation and configuration. The best informat
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  • listed or linked to below solves your problem, head over to [[Debugging Ekiga]] and send the relevant debug messages (and, in the case of crashes, backtr ...e, then it might indicate Symmetric or Port Restricted NAT. (There is also a trade off in how fast the STUN detection is, and how accurate.)" (citation
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  • This is the Ekiga manual. It is updated continuously. If some information is not enough cle Ekiga is a free Voice over Internet Protocol (or ''VoIP'') IP telephony and video conf
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