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Ekiga 4.0 in LWN (Linux Weekly News)
Interview with Damien Sandras from Ekiga (Database Error)
Συνέντευξη με τον Damien Sandras του Ekiga (Greek)
An interview with Damien Sandras by Bill Toulas on OSArena, 2012 January 30.


Ekiga – open source SoftPhone, Video Conferencing and Instant Messenger
An interview with Damien Sandras by Josette Garcia on josetteorama, 2011 October 25.


Ekiga 3.2 on Ubuntu 9.04 An article on getting Ekiga by Hamish Taylor on iTWire, 21 May 2009.

How to Videoconference Linux and Windows with Ekiga An article by Joshua Price in MakeTechEasier, August 5th, 2009.


Three free tools for teleconferencing with a 'virtual presence' An article in Computerworld, published November 19, 2008.


FSF High priority

“Free software replacement for Skype

“Skype is a proprietary Voice-over-IP program that uses a proprietary protocol. Skype is seducing free software users into using proprietary software, often two users at a time. We do not want to encourage the creation of a Skype compatible client, but instead, we want to encourage you to create, contribute to, or promote the use of free software alternatives to Skype, such as Ekiga, and to encourage to adoption and use of free VoIP, video, and chat protocols such as SIP and XMPP/Jingle.

“Ways to help. The easiest way to help is to not use Skype and to encourage the use a free software alternative, instead. There are a number of programs, such as Ekiga, that are working alternatives to Skype. Users of such programs should file bug reports and feature requests to the projects. If you are not a developer, you can consider contributing to documentation and tutorials for such projects, as well as filing feature and bug requests. Developers should consider helping free software VoIP and video, chat, and multimedia communications projects.”

Developers Make a Good Call With Fedora Talk At FUDCon Boston June 19-21, 2008, the Fedora community announced a new way of helping members and developers communicate with each other: Fedora Talk

"Fedora Talk can be used with one of the many VOIP soft phones that comes with Fedora. Ekiga and Twinkle are popular."

An interview with Ekiga developers An article by Tony Mobility Free Software Magazine, 2008-04-29


Skype 2.0 vs. Ekiga for Linux An article by Matt Hartley for Mad Penguin dot org, 28. november 2007.

Telephony Intro - We take a close look at Voice over IP. An article by Stefan Schwarzer in Linux Magazine, Issue 82; September 2007.

Ekiga videophone gets you connected Article written by Joe Barr on on April 05, 2007 .

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