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Damien plans to migrate the VoIP service from SER (SIP Express Router) software to the OpenSER. This is a summary page of the work to be done, and a place to write down problems we face (and hopefully their solution).

The Web Interface

WRITEME (Damien, Yannick, Fab?)

  • There is an issue here: it seems no one has patched SerWeb 0.9.6 to work with OpenSER 1.2.x.
  • We develpped our own interface for Kamailio. (Yannick)

The Database Backend


For me (Jan), the database backend is the most tricky part to be done.

We still use MySQL. (Yannick)

Current SER Database

The SER software currently uses a MySQL database backend. For several reasons I want to replace this backend:

  • try something new ;-)
  • MySQL is sometimes (unpredictable - from my point of view) slow
  • MySQL puts far too much readlocks on the tables and such locks the application

Future OpenSER Database

The OpenSER software has a PostgreSQL database layer.

Migration Problems

  • migrate from one RDBMS (MySQL) to another (PostgreSQL): datatypes!
  • migrate from one schema (SER) to another (OpenSER): payload migration

The OpenSER

Software: Kamailio (what a hard name to type!)

We now use Kamailio.

Get The Work Done

The migration steps to far...

  • POSTPONED: analyze both database schemas
  • POSTPONED: hack a migration script that transfers payload
  • POSTPONED: test the migration script with the full payload data
  • DONE: test-install of current PostgreSQL
  • DONE: test-install of OpenSER (Kamai...whatever)
  • DONE: test-install of (new?) SERWeb software (UPDATE: Own webinterface will be used)
  • WAITING: supporter-scripts (e.g. the pending mailer): find out what to do, hack. Might be obsolete for some scripts. DONE?
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