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Emblem-important.png For security reasons, automatic subscription to the wiki is disabled. To grant access you can either join us on IRC (, channel #ekiga) or mail me (sevmek * free dot fr). --Yannick

Here are some guide lines I hope useful to get a general quality for the wiki.

Those are some thoughts I have about this job, anything can be discussed. I ain't no professional and I won't be. Feel free to add your ideas...


Style guide

Remember that readers have different backgrounds and are here to read up on documentation. Short, concise sentences and paragraphs make text easier to read.

Use the MediaWiki syntax where possible, rather than HTML.

Main text

Boiler-plate messages

Here are a few templates to draw attention to text:

Template What it looks like Where to use
Emblem-important.png This is important!
This is for things the user must do or for news we want the visitor to read.
Gnome-status.png This is a good idea to do.
Advice, things which users may want to do, optional steps or alternative methods.

Formatting standards

Use Syntax Displays as
Command line $ cd /somewhere/
$ cd /somewhere/
Ekiga menus <tt>Edit&nbsp;&rarr;&nbsp;Preferences</tt> Edit → Preferences
Software run from the command line <tt>gconf-editor</tt> gconf-editor
Software mentioned specifically Install '''gdb''' Install gdb
SIP addresses (h323) are italicised ''''

Dont use italic for a sip number list, use table and regular writting.

Use a table for instructions for how to configure a device or software (form to fill).

Entry points

At the moment, there seem to be two entry points to the wiki; the Main Page and the Ekiga Interoperability page. They have similar numbers of hits. As a result, information we want visitors to read must be on both.

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