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Windows Messenger blends in with Windows XP. The latest version 5.1 support the SIP protocol and allow the user to register to a SIP server like

Windows Messenger 5.1 has full interoperability with Ekiga (text chat, audio and video).


Download Windows Messenger 5.1 if needed

First check if you already have Windows messenger.

Download the .msi file. You'll need the Windows installer too.

Register to

If you don't have an account yet on, register one.

Configure Windows Messenger 5.1

Winmsger-en-1.jpg Winmsger-en-2.jpg



Sign in to



No NAT support

Windows messenger has no STUN support, so unlike ekiga, it cannot connect from inside a NAT network. You will see an error message like this if you are behind NAT or a firewall. Windows messenger stun nat failure.JPG

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