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This page is about extending the contact information regarding ordinary phone numbers.



  • incorrect formatting in Evolution/in some contact's "phone number" data will lead to failures when calling (different providers want different number formats, +49... 0049... etc.

Phone number formats seen so far

Just a useless collection, maybe you get a feeling of the problematic.

  • +1-800-555-1212
  • +1.800.555.1212
  • +18005551212
  • +1 800 555 1212
  • 004930123456
  • 0049 30 123456
  • 030 123456


Possible solutions

assign accounts to country prefixes


assign dial formats to accounts and a "default prefix"

Discussion: There are not much different ways, an international number can be dialed. We could assing such a way to every account. That would make it neccesary to guess/parse the phone number to dial and to convert it to the desired format.

It might also be useful to develop a "phone number description language" for user-defined dialing formats (similar as regular expressions are a "string description language"). The tricky part will be to parse the given phone number. Conversion to a specific format is relatively easy then. Imagine a provider wants to dial an international number like ***123+49-96173387, then the description string might be ***123+P-N (just an example straight out of my head, no idea if that matches the practise, but you get the idea).

Assume E.123/E.164 format

National notation: (042) 123 4567

International notation: +31 42 123 4567

The groups of digits can be separated by hyphens (-), spaces ( ) or dots (.).


List of ITU-T Recommendation E.164 assigned country codes

Wikipedia: List of international call prefixes

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